Do you know about Google Analytics? And…

How can we set up a Google Analytics account on the new interface of Blogspot?

If your answer is no then set back and Chillax because this complete will let you know about each and everything about google analytics + full setup guide…

Hey guys, looking for the best and updated course of Blogspot in 2021?

If Yes! Then you are in

Because KnowledgeShout is providing a complete Blogspot course, which was made entirely in a new interface for Blogspot.

Sounds interesting 😨😨😨💪

Yeah, you heard it right. This course was completely made…

Have you heard about Custom permalinks?

If no then!

This guide will teach you everything about Custom permalink in Blogspot (blogger).

Custom permalinks can be used to recreate URLs (Uniform Resource Locator) for a particular page.

Having the wrong URL structure, most of your blog’s SEO tactics will not work…

Have you ever heard about Google Search Console?

Or have an idea to set up your Blogspot blog?

If your answer is No😲

then set back and take a cup of tea ☕

In this guide, you will learn how to set up a Blogspot account on Google Search Console…

Along with the On-page And Technical SEO, Off-Page SEO is also important!

In this technological era, everyone wants to earn money online, where blogging is the best way of earning a handsome amount of money.

I am sure in your family or in your friends circle someone is earning a…

Nowadays, Everyone wants to rank their websites/blogs, and everyone wants to increase their organic traffic (Traffic, which comes from search engines). but the 90% peoples fails for doing this

Why They fail?

Because they do not use correct strategies for ranking purpose they often use black hat techniques rather then…

Do you know about Blogspot? It is owned by Google.

If you do not have money in your pocket but you want to start blogging, then I highly recommend you to use Blogspot because it is a free platform to start blogging

Our today’s post is all about Backup It…

Did you know? I recently increased my 60% organic traffic by researching my old keywords

To be clear, it takes me 2–5 minutes to research keywords for my existing post, and I gain 60 % traffic as a result

Google’s Core update resulted in the massive loss of my rankings.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

The Term SEO Means (Search Engine Optimization) The process of optimizing and ranking a website on the first page of google search engine.

So it will appear in first positions in the organic results of any search engines. SEO requires an understanding of search engine algorithms.

How do search engines…

Want to increase your email list? But how?

In order to collect email addresses, there are a number of ways you can run campaigns, You can provide a paid tool for free, or you can give people an e-book for free.

Although these methods work externally to your website you…

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